In 1995 JGL were approached by The Boeing Company of Seattle to provide 6 fully furnished business units, comprising flats with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, for their Company employees for a 6 month period.

These personnel were the advance team working on a contract bid taking place within the UK. Hotels were unsuitable for the project due to the sensitive nature of the employees work and it was hoped that living in the community, the employees would experience life in the UK with their partners so, should the contract be won, they would be familiarised and prepared for long term life in the UK.

The brief was for fully furnished flats with linen and bedding provided and serviced weekly. On change of occupancy, a deep clean would take place.

In the autumn of 1996, JGL were asked to tender to relocate 180 American employees, together with their families, who would be working on the contract won by Boeing.

This time the brief was for the families to have 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached properties. Couples were again to have 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments. All homes were to have identical furniture bought in bulk and supplied by the Company.

JGL identified suitable rental properties and a standard 3 year fixed term lease was provided by the Boeing legal department. Once a property was deemed suitable, JGL negotiated the lease with the landlord on behalf of Boeing.

JGL oversaw the arrival of 16 families per month until the full working team arrived and thereafter for duration of the contract. Repairs and maintenance were co-ordinated and appointments made by JGL who were the first point of contact should a breakdown occur. JGL liaised with the landlord and a central liaison officer at Boeing was appointed to deal with property issues on behalf of the employees.

The accounting procedure was handled by JGL. All rents were paid though JGL to the landlords. As always, the client was provided with completely transparent accounts as to what had been bought and paid for as a company expense.

After the initial 3 years contracted on the project, a number of families returned home to the USA and new families took their place in the home. JGL looked after the turnaround process, negotiated rent reviews and new 3 year lease with the landlord. Redecoration as required by the lease together with repairs to furniture were dealt with by JGL.

If a house was surplus to requirements and to be returned to the landlord, the property would be emptied, cleaned and inspected, where upon JGL would negotiate damage payments if necessary on Boeing’s behalf.

The contract between JGL and The Boeing Company of Seattle eventually ran for 16 years before Boeing repatriated to the USA.